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Investing in bodywork is an investment in your health.

Bodywork Techniques

 Intuitive Bodywork (Collard Method)~Is an intuitive form of bodywork, locating the origin of distress in the body and assisting (through hands-on correction) in connecting with past trauma, releasing that energy, and restoring balance. The Collard Method is based on Patrick Collard's bodywork techniques in connection with a skilled awareness of where issues are held in the body. THE BODY NEVER LIES! Identifying and releasing limiting, negative thoughts and correlating conditions and diseases helps you learn to live with more joy and aliveness. You learn to respond rather than react to life. 60 minutes $100

Deep Therapeutic Massage~Contributes to the alleviation of headaches, backaches, stress, sluggish circulation, slowed immune response, muscular tension and fatigue, as well as neck, shoulder, and head discomfort. You experience a general sense of serenity and well being after a treatment. You are always discreetly covered.
30 minutes $45  90 minutes $90
60 minutes $75 120 minutes $125

Infrared Blanket Therapy~Do you ache, have inflammation, have chronic pain or stress, want to make your immune system stronger, or just want to relax? We need to relax more than ever right now. Do you want to use the gym sauna without joining the gym? Try infrared sauna therapy!  Start a new adventure in relaxation.Try a single session, pair with a massage, or become a sauna relaxer on a regular basis. Start with  a 30-minute session to start and build up as you figure out how hot and how long is right for you. Lots of purchasing types from single sessions to packages of sessions. So best to go in and schedule and all the options will come up. Pick one and schedule. MUST PUT IN CREDIT CARD INFO for this treatment. This allows session to flow more easily as you may just want to come in and out without a lot of time wasted on payments, etc. Initial paperwork and educational information will be sent to you first time. I know it's a bother, but it's just once. PLEASE follow instructions in paperwork or you will not have a beneficial session. When it says to hydrate, it means hydrate. After that first session, just come in and relax. Example: 30-minute session is $35. Don't be confused when your session comes up as 90 min. This takes into account my cleanup time and additional time before next client. You will get a reminder for your appointment by email. Sign up for text if that's what you want as well.

Everything in all used rooms is wiped down after each client.

Rebirthing~(Conscious Connected Breathing, Breathwork Therapy) You learn to breathe in a manner that stimulates the release of emotional, mental, and physical patterns; creates joy and aliveness in the body; gives a feeling of empowerment and self-control; and creates energetic relaxation. This is a one on one class, consisting of at least 10 sessions. More may be needed for completion. Sessions last from 1-1/2 hours to 2 hours
$100 per session If 10 sessions are paid in advance $900 nonrefundable.

Reflexology~Connects with specific pressure points on the feet to stimulate homeostasis in body systems.
30 minutes $45   60 minutes $65

Reiki~Provides a gentle, therapeutic touch using universal energy to heal muscle tension, stress, and body imbalances.
60 minutes $70

Meditation~Sitting meditation, Ki Breathing meditation, Visualization 30 minutes $40

Transcendent Breath--"The Course"~Not currently being offered. This is a once a month, nine-month class geared to those interested in personal growth; in letting go of past trauma and negative thoughts; in learning techniques to support body, mind, and spirit; in reaching his/her highest potential; in being in the energy of like-minded people who seek higher consciousness. The Course is a symbolic "birth" of a new "you" after nine months of gestation in new material or material you think you already know. It combines talk, listening, sharing, visualization, and experiential learning. There are various ways to pay including a six-month PayPal credit option. Class limit of 10 people. Contact me via email for more description and cost details.

 Packages--Go to either "My Store" or now offering payment through Schedulicity. My menu doesn't allow me to list everything, so if you don't see it on the menu, go in and start the scheduling process to see all the offerings. You don't have to complete the scheduling if you don't want to or if you make a mistake and schedule, just cancel it.

$750 Club-Only renewals from long-time clients given this offer.

$850 All new clients Get twelve 90 minute therapeutic massages to be taken over a year's time. 

$295 Five 60 minutes therapeutic massages

$900 Rebirthing 10 Sessions for the price of 9 if bought up-front  May be paid for per session, but save $100 by buying in advance.


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