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As a writer and teacher, I spend a lot of time at the computer. I stretch and exercise as much as I can, but I definitely depend on regular massage sessions to un-kink my neck, shoulders and back; de-stress; keep my lymph system in tiptop shape (for better immunity); and to generally help me feel balanced, whole, and happy. In fact, I forget sometimes that I have age-related arthritis. When you consider that up to 90 percent of all doctor visits are influenced by stress, it really makes sense to schedule the one kind of therapy you can't manage by yourself--bodywork. Judith is exactly the kind of intuitive bodywork and massage professional that I will always want as part of my personal health plan.                    

Marian Wolbers, Albright College 2006


“My ten Rebirthing sessions were an insightful adventure.  With Judith as your coach, your circular breathing will become easier with each session, even when you are not with Judith.  I can say, without reservation, the results of taking Rebirthing created a tool for me to handle anxiety and negative thinking. I know circular breathing will help me focus and reduce my uneasiness. Letting go of tension and negativity, as relaxation, peace and positive thoughts result. I would recommend Rebirthing to anyone who wants to reverse his or her negative and suppressed feelings; and work toward a feeling of bliss”

Georgine Smaglinski, 2005

“After two motor vehicle accidents and a lot of cervical, muscular and soft tissue injury and pain, I started massage therapy on a weekly or bimonthly basis. I made significant progress over a 2-3-year period. My spine was better aligned and my muscle trigger points were less tender and reactive. My activity tolerance had gradually improved. Deep tissue massage worked to reach and release the deep muscle scar tissue and soft tissue. Slowly I was able to tolerate and recondition. I learned about proper positioning as well as spine and pelvic alignment. Retraining the muscles and nerves was 75 percent of the battle. The massage also improved my circulation and decreased my stress levels. I was able to decrease the amount of medications needed for pain, muscle spasms, and sleep. I also was able to virtually eliminate the chiropractor visits. (below)

“Despite feeling improvement, I still knew that when my stress level is high, I still became more symptomatic. Judith and I had many conversations about Rebirthing and its benefits. I thought I have nothing to lose, and the potential for great gains. I completed 10 sessions over a 12-week period. I learned a new effective way to breathe and to reach and process past experiences back as far as conception. I have been able to clear a lot of emotions and understand patterns and perceptions of my feelings. All the talk/psychotherapy would not have helped as much as Rebirthing.”

—Corie Bilger, Health Professional Specializing in Pain Management, 2004


“I suppose the thing I like best about working with Judy is that she is not afraid to take a chance. Through her intuitive sense, she has helped me to gain much insight into many aspects and issues in my life and, more importantly, has given me useful methods to work with and begin to change these things. Perhaps like many people, I do much of my suffering in my body. Judy has a very keen sense for where and how to interact with my body and help me to gain access and work with physical and emotional patterns that are otherwise unconscious.”
—Daniel Hepburn, Jefferson Medical College student  [receiver of both massage and Collardwork Therapy


“Rebirthing and affirmations have enormously expanded my levels of health and success. And, as for Judith Gabriel, I have found her to a perceptive and helpful Rebirther.”
—Doug R., Writer

 "Recently I completed a ten week session in Rebirthing, also known as Kriya yoga. Rebirthing  is a technique that focuses on breathing.  It also subscribes to the philosophy that thought is energy, both negative and positive; negative energy gets trapped in our bodies causing us pain and trauma, while positive energy has the ability to improve and transform us. While doing this deep rapid breathing, for sometimes as long as an hour, we can integrate these negative experiences and heal our pain and trauma, essentially healing ourselves.

 Although I had done my research, I was very uncertain as to what to expect during these sessions and consequently nervous about what might occur. Rebirthing sessions are conducted one on one by an experienced Rebirthing teacher and mine had learned her lessons well as she instantly had a calming and nurturing effect on me. The first few sessions were spent taking my history and breathing.  This gave my teacher necessary background as to what I needed and wanted to accomplish and what direction to take during our breathing to guide me. Each session, starting with the first one centered on  breathing, though, usually about one hour in length (with sharing before and after if needed)

I admit I was skeptical about the whole process, but since I had decided to pursue it, I felt I should do so with an open welcoming mind. Also, like any new endeavor, one gets out of it what one invests in it; I decided to do what was asked of me. Homework entailed daily breathing sessions and the writing of designated affirmations assigned by my teacher. What occurred over the ten week period was truly enlightening.


One of the first things I discovered was that breathing in this manner is relaxing and rejuvenating. Even after the very first session on the first night, I emerged from the breathing exercise feeling totally relaxed as if I had just awakened from a wonderful restful nap. This alone was great since like so many of us today, I don’t get enough sleep. Hmm, breathe for an hour and feel like I’ve slept for eight, this sounds like a good deal to me…

 Over the weeks I found myself eagerly looking forward to each session with my teacher, the guided breathing sessions, and the positive affirmations assigned to me. I also felt a change in the way I viewed myself and my life. By replacing negative selftalk with positive thoughts and affirmations, and consciously feeling my body while breathing, enabled me to let go of limiting thoughts, emotions, and actions. My perspective on life in general changed. These days I feel an overall sense of calmness and serenity, a welcome feeling of having choices about anything life sends my way and my ability to deal with it. I have often heard about the importance of ‘discovering my inner child’; Rebirthing took that concept to another level and allowed me to discover so much more about my abilities and power – essentially discovering my inner self.    Terry Lackmeyer,  Small Business Owner and Writer 




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