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Transcendent Breath: "The Course"

(Syllabus, including 4 months classwork))

Judith Gabriel Integrational Bodyworks Presents Transcendent Breath: “The Course”

 Judith Gabriel Integrational Bodyworks presents Transcendent Breath, or “The Course” for short. Based on Breathing Practices, especially Conscious Connected Breathing (Rebirthing), along with other spiritual practices, the purpose of the course is to experience rich and full spiritual community and fellowship in the learning of personal mastery. A part of each meeting is personal sharing without ego-tripping. We really see and support each other. Breathing sessions are a part of each meeting. The Course is geared to those interested in personal development; in letting go of past trauma and negative thoughts; in learning techniques to support body, mind, and spirit; in working to reach his/her highest potential; and in being in the energy of open-minded people who want to increase personal consciousness. The Course is a symbolic “birth” of a new “you” after nine months of “gestation” in the womb of new material or material you think you already know. It combines talk, listening, sharing, visualization, and experiential learning.


The intention of “The Course” is to heal all parts of you, but especially to heal what we call “the death urge” by studying purification methods. As Candace Pert, a neuro-biologist said “Your body is your subconscious,” so by studying how to purify your body, you are also learning to go to the deepest part of yourself, clear the debris, and truly get in touch with your spirit and live a joyous life. A part of this purification also includes purifying the small mind and learning how the mind affects the body. By supporting our thoughts and bodies, we are supporting our life urge and our true selves.


The Course” will be offered once a month for nine months, so whatever is not covered in these nine months will be carried over into the new class next year, expanded upon, and additions made. People do one nine-month course and then continue each year, some do only one year, some skip years; whatever supports your aliveness is what is important. Topics and/or practices (not necessarily in order and some may overlap, with breathwork every month) explored during these months are as follows:

 1. Mind Mastery—Exploring creative thought and affirmations   Meditation and mantras—various forms of meditation and quieting of the mind are explored. Learning to live in silence is worked on.

 2. The Four Elements—Air, Water, Fire, Earth—How they are a part of us, around us, and affect us, including how to use them to purify ourselves. Earth—Getting in touch with the Mother. Movement therapy, massage therapy, outside meditation if weather permits. Cleansing with Fire.

 3. Breathwork/Air—How to use breath to heal personal lie, past lives, birth trauma, parental disapproval syndrome and to live “above the line.” Various forms of breathwork will be experienced. All forms of breathing touch us in different ways to clear and heal different areas of our life. Conscious Connected Breathing or Rebirthing breathwork is the major technique presented.

 4. Water/Rebirthing breathwork in water.

 5. Sound—How does sound heal us? “In the beginning there was the Word.” Sound is primal and we’ll explore its implications. Chanting, tuning forks, brainwaves, drumming will be explored.

 6. Prosperity—Learn what abundance means in all areas of your life.

 7. Spiritual Healing—Investigate avenues to everlasting life, health, and youthfulness of the body. This includes addressing your Divine teacher (whoever that might be), the Divine within you, and Grace, and Gratitude

 8. Group Service Month—Karma Yoga—Moving Meditation in Service to the Earth—to be decided on by the group

 9. Completion—We can complete our commitments and live, learning to tell the truth faster! Clearing with group members and teachers. Group dinner, taking our consciousness outside the womb, into the world, and then start our lives anew.

 Various presenters are being invited so the topics may shift or expand, as the presenters are available.

  Here is a syllabus for 4 classes to give you an idea of what we will be doing.  These are estimated times. If speakers go over or our breathwork sessions are longer than anticipated, we will be flexible around times.

We will be sitting on the floor a lot, so bring a backjack or something else comfortable to sit on. If you cannot sit on the floor, just bring a folding chair. I will have a few backjacks but not enough for the group this year. When we work outside, you may want to bring a sleeping bag. In the nine months, if you are up for it and want to connect with the earth (a very powerful process) you may want to just lie on the grass.

When we do drumming, if you don’t have access to a drum, just let me know.

 Breathwork exchanges and a once-a-week fast are recommended over the month’s time apart.

 Give yourself the Gift of Life Renewed. Too many people walk around without fully living. Join us today. Create a haven where you can be who you truly are.

Payment: The cost for the entire workshop if paid by check or cash is discounted to $990 or three payments of $330.

Price for the entire workshop by credit card is $1,350 or three payments of $450.

Finally, if you pay with PayPal 6-month credit, the cost is $1,170.


Registration must be by Sept. 21 with full payment or first three-month payment. All payments are non-refundable except for extended illness or extraordinary circumstances. Also if I don’t have at least 5 students in the class, any money given before Sept. 21 will be refunded.

 The class this year will be limited to approximately 10-12 people.

 Dates: Oct. 11, Nov. 1, Dec. 6, Jan. 10, Feb. 7, March 7, April 4, May 16, June 20.

*Everyone is invited whether or not you know how to perform conscious connected breathing. This is not a replacement for doing a package of sessions with a trained Rebirther one on one, but a great way to learn about it and other stress-reducing, life-enhancing techniques and ways of looking at life. So whether you are an old-time student of Self or someone who has never been involved in self-development, there will be something here for you.


Class #1 Sat. Oct. 11, 2014 Transcendent Breath, “The Course”


9:30-10:00 Group Introductions—“Who Are You?”


10-10:45 Introduction to Conscious Connected Breathing


10:45-11 Break


11-12                 First Group Rebirth


12-1:30   Lunch   I will provide lunch every month which will consist of vegetarian foods like hummus, grape leaves, veggies, crackers, fruit, juice, water, tea, salad or other Mediterranean-style non-vegetarian dishes. If you want to bring something else or bring a dish to share, you are welcome to do that. You may eat anywhere on the property but may not bother neighbors. You may also go into the woods behind the property if you choose, again as long as you don’t bother the neighbors. The woods behind me belong to the Mt. Penn Preserve so make sure you do not leave any trash behind.


1:30-2   Group sharing about Rebirth, Questions


2-3   Guided Visualization “Your Beginning on the Pathway”


3-4   Exploring Creative Thought, Affirmations, Intention, and Meditation


4-5   Paired Breathing Outside (weather permitting) Bring sleeping bag and bug spray.


5-5:30       Completion—Gratitude   Pick a partner, make a date to share a breathing session, and fast once a   week.




Class #2   Sat. Nov. 1, 2014 Transcendent Breath, “The Course”


9:30-10 Group sharing


10-10:45 Continued Intro. to Conscious Connected Breathing (Rebirthing)


10:45-11- Break


11-12                 Group Breathing Session


12-1:30   Lunch


1:30-2   Group sharing


2-3          Guided Visualization “The Power of Fixations”


3-4     Connecting with the God in All (outside if weather permits) Fire will always be available outside, weather permitting


4-5   The 5 Biggies and Beyond (Rebirthing)


5-5:30   Completion—Gratitude and Creating Intention Pair with someone else for the month. Fast one day a week.

Class #3   Sat. Dec. 6, 2014   Transcendent Breath, “The Course”


9:30-10 Group Share


10-11 Continuing the Intro. to Rebirthing and a group breathe


11-11:15 Break


11:15-12   Ki Breathing meditation, another way to breathe, cleanse, and meditate


12-1:30 Lunch


1:30-2 Group Share


2-3 Visualization “Awaken Your True Self”


4-5 Cleansing by Fire and exploring Silence (outside weather permitting)


5-5:30 Completion—Gratitude   Pair with someone to breath during the month and fast one day a week.


#5 Class   Sat. Feb. 7, 2015   Transcendent Breath, “The Course”


9:30-10 Group Share


10-11 Conscious Connected Breathing/ Group Breathe


11-11:15 Break


11:15-12 Chanting and Body Movement


12-1:30 Lunch


1:30-2 Group Sharing


2-3 Visualization “How to Live the Impersonal Life”


3-4 Drumming-- Earth Rhythms Instruction


4-5 Paired breathing outside on property if you can stand the cold, inside, or around the fire outside.


5 Completion—Gratitude     Pair with someone to breath during the month and fast one day a week.

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